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Singariteeria ya ton yamo sas



Three Rivers is the idyllic setting for the perfect Greek wedding. Set in 300 acres of Essex countryside, our modern and contempery venue and gardens offer you extensive grounds, creating amazing photo opportunities with stunning views - perfect for a Greek wedding. The venue gives a fresh modern feel along with personal touches of modern art and outstanding countryside views from every standpoint.


Three Rivers can accommodate larger events, holding up to 600 guests over 2 rooms. Our dedicated team will be happy to help advise you on timings, usage of rooms and layouts for your Greek wedding venue. When planning your Greek Orthodox wedding there are a number of days when it is forbidden to get married. These include the fasting period 40 days prior to Easter and the 40 days prior to Christmas for the same reason.


The first 15 days of August, a period dedicated to celebrating the Virgin Mary, are also out of bounds. It’s best to consult your local church as there are additional days on which marriage would be inappropriate. Marriage can take place at virtually any time of the day, in accordance with the requirements of the priest. The only time that you can’t get married is during Sunday Mass.